La peaulogie - 2022

La Peaulogie est une revue de sciences sociales et humaines sur les peaux

Durant cette interview, Candice Cellier nous parle de son travail de photographe médical et artistique. 


Re - Les Réécritures de la Chair

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Ted Talk

TedX Limoges 2020

Réécrire la chair et l’identité – Voir sur Youtube 
This talk was given at a TEDx event.


Candice Cellier’s photographs display at the same time what is put into light and what the sight is usually not focusing on.
Religion and science, fragments and silence define the aesthetic of the focus of Candice Cellier, between still lives and Icons, fascination and repulsion, unveiling what is forming us.

Structures and bodies are literally exposed, re-interpreted by the photographer to the point that it creates an ambiguity between true and false.
Fragments of human beings distorted for cure, the body is no longer seen through its constituents but as a shape, both sculpture and piece of an improbable puzzle, ambiguous vision where Life stands side by side with Death.