Candice Cellier’s photographs display at the same time what is put into light and what the sight is usually not focusing on.
Religion and science, fragments and silence define the aesthetic of the focus of Candice Cellier, between still lives and Icons, fascination and repulsion, unveiling what is forming us.

Structures and bodies are literally exposed, re-interpreted by the photographer to the point that it creates an ambiguity between true and false.
Fragments of human beings distorted for cure, the body is no longer seen through its constituents but as a shape, both sculpture and piece of an improbable puzzle, ambiguous vision where Life stands side by side with Death.


Singuliers Instants
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all audiences
Nature morte
viewer discretion is advised
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Man’s land
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Lumière noire
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viewer discretion is advised
all audiences
viewer discretion is advised


Candice Cellier


Route | An Aesthetic of Unveiling


The collision between the Sacred and the prosaic human being are defining Candice Cellier’s investigations.
Years worldwide famous Art School La Cambre in Brussels see History of Art’s references coming from educational background becoming a fundamental part of work.
2006 is a crucial turn with the access to surgery blocks. Searches on the body, its transformations, its existence beyond the skin, everything ties together and define the sense. What could have been raw documentary statements vanishe through the pictorial approach




– Superior national school in visual Arts La Cambre in Brussels
– Bachelor in History of Art
– Catholic secondary education




2012 April-July Lumière noire
Solo Exhibition, History of Medecine Museum, Paris

2012 June Lumière noire
Solo Exhibition, The 8th international Bernd-Spiessl-Symposium, Bâle

2012 February A new Breed
Show Group, Trois Baudets («La figure du monstre»), Paris

2010 November-December Accords urbains
Solo Exhibition at Logidome, Clermont-Ferrand

2010 June-July Man’s Land
Exhibition BCCKolectiev, Hectoliter Gallery, Bruxelles

2009 October ABC
Exhibition BCCKolectiev, “Nuits Blanches” de Bruxelles

2009 May Miroirs / Architecture
Show Group, La Centrale Électrique, Bruxelles

2009 April Licht-Lumière
Exhibition BCCKolectiev, Gare du Congrès, Bruxelles

2009 March Architectures
Show Group “L’envers des mots”, Bruxelles and Photo Gallery

2008 June Eponymous
Exhibition BCCKolectiev, avenue Louise, Bruxelles

2008 June Nature morte
Show Group, Tours et Taxis, Bruxelles

2007 June Gestes
Show Group, Abbaye de La Cambre, Bruxelles

2006 June
Exhibition collective, Tours et Taxis, Bruxelles.




– Obskure Mag #09 : Read Online



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